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Book Review: Island Time

Book: Island Time

Author: Georgia Clark

A big thank you to Netgalley & Atria Books for an eARC.


The Kellys family and the Lee family go to a tropical island off the coast of Australia. The only thing that brings these two families together is that their daughters are married. What should have been a long weekend away turned into a six-week-long adventure. On the first night, a volcano offshore erupts causing damage to the area as well as a small tsunami. Due to damage, they were unable to leave the island.

Throughout the book you watch each character evolve and become their true selves. I got very invested in each character.

As the end grew near and their time on the island was coming to a close I was getting nervous to see how some loose ends would tie together. I was really happy with the outcome but also want to continue following these characters after their time on the island. This is another great summer read.

Final Score: 4/5

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