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Do I like Animals More Than People?

Short answer….. yes.

Longer answer….. Absolutely.

If I didn’t lose you by those first two lines then you probably have one of two thoughts. Either finally someone agrees with me or that I am a monster. Well I am going to tell you most of the population are monsters. After reading this I want to know your thoughts and I want you to know you’re not alone!

It doesn’t matter if you are a cat person or a dog person, you don’t even have to be any animal person, but you like animals more than people. My first example I want to use is in media. Jump in your time machine because we are going back to 1996 for this example. The movie is Independence Day. Some of you already know where I’m going. If you don’t take a look at this picture so we are on the same page.

The scene was this: the aliens attack and carnage ensues. People are dying in the streets left and right as we watch the wife of the main character run to safety with her son. Her son wasn’t all that was with her though. She had her dog with her. As a massive explosion erupts and the street goes into a ball of fire we see the dog leap in slow motion through the flames to safety and we all let out a sigh of relief. While you let out that sigh of relief remember how many people were on that street. Still happy the dog made it instead of those people?

Next example I want to use is completely my opinion. I felt I wasn’t alone so I surveyed 20 random people on it. I gave them zero context to what was going on and 90% of the people shared my opinion. So in my sample size 90% like animals more. Here is the situation, you’re up late at night lying in bed and the depressing music comes on. It’s a commercial asking for donations to save starving children and you immediately become sad. You realized how privileged you are and just have the feeling of guilt for how good you have it. Then the depressing music starts again and there it is, the commercial for abused animals. The images of these animals almost brings a tear to your eye. Which one pulls at your heart strings more? If you think animals don’t worry since 90% of people I spoke to also said animals.

Going to take this back to media for my final two examples. I’ll make this quick since I’m sure this article is depressing you since its making you feel like a heartless monster towards people.

The movie is John Wick. In a nut shell the whole movie’s plot, all those bullets, all those killings, it all happened because someone killed his dog. He goes on this killing rampage to kill the person who killed his dog. Killing dozens of people, anyone who gets in his way. We all loved it and were perfectly okay with it, but think about it, all those lives lost for one dog’s life.

Finally, this example actually uses some of my words. In the movie Kick Ass 2, the main villain and his group brutally murder a character who has a dog. While the character is bleeding out one of them ask the leader, “should we kill his dog?” His response was “Kill his dog? Jesus Christ I’m not that evil. Cut the old man’s head off” Again showing the life of an animal is greater than the life of a human. If you saw that movie, the dog is barking in the background and you know you were thinking, please don’t kill the dog.

So what do you think? You agree with me? You think I am a monster? Either way we want to know about it. Tell us over on twitter I’m @Big_Broons or tell the site @TheSpinchoon.

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