Monthly Mobile Gaming Report For April 2020

Updated: May 25, 2020

Welcome back! Like last month (which you can still check out the report for here), this month the world is still trying its best to get back to normal. As social distancing and shelter in place continue, a few of these games scratched the social itch. So let’s get right to it.


Disorder (Free)

Disorder looks and feels like a typical mobile shooter. What sets it apart is the ability to have more than just two teams battling it out for victory. When you first jump in you have to play a more standard mode to level up your account. Once you go up a few levels and unlock more game modes the fun really begins. The stand out mode for me is the Olympion ULF mode. This mode has up to 7 teams of 5 complete a series of tasks to be able to unlock the last mission and win the game. In this mode, you will battle against other players, but also swarms of NPCs trying to bring you down. This is a mobile shooter you need to check out.

Psych! Outwit Your Friends (Free)

This was a great game to play with friends during times of social distancing. From the comfort of everyone’s own homes, you can play this game together. Jump on a video call and its a great virtual game night. There are a good amount of categories to choose from offering different ways to play the game. Some categories have you trying to be funny while making jokes about your friends in the game, others have you trying to be clever and trick your friends with your answers. At the price of FREE, this game is something everyone should be playing during these times.

NBA Now (Free)

With no sports going on, sports games are the best way to get your fix. NBA Now was great to get some fun quick games in. In the season mode, you only play the fourth quarter, so games fly by. The gameplay is simple and it’s even playable using only one hand. You don’t control the player movement, just their actions. Pass, steal, shoot, etc. The graphics look great too. If you’re missing out on your sports give this one a try.

Butter Royale (Apple Arcade)

Butter Royale took me by surprise. It looks simple, and the gameplay is simple too, but it’s highly addictive. It’s a competitive battle royale game that you can play alone, with strangers, or with friends. This one I played with friends as a way to just hang out and talk. Time just flew by while playing it. I have a lot more thoughts on this game that you can find in my full review. If you don’t have Apple Arcade this game is worth looking into it to play.

Bowling Crew (Free)

Way before smartphones, the first phone game I ever spent money on was a bowling game. As a bowler myself I am usually partial to these games. This one is set up how you would expect a mobile game to be set up. You play games and go up a trophy ladder and unlock random loot boxes. I didn’t care too much about the boxes though. I felt that the balls didn’t matter as much as I would have thought, making the game seem extremely fair to free to play players. It was all about knowing the physics of bowling, which for the most part this game captures. It does have its moments where you will see a poorly aimed shot get lucky and somehow get a strike, but I guess that does happen in real bowling. I had a lot of fun with this one and recommend anyone to give it a try.


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