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Monthly Mobile Gaming Report For April March 2021

Hello and welcome back to our monthly report. If you are new here, then be sure to check out last month's report. This month was a big Apple Arcade month for me. Most of the titles this month will be from there. What are we waiting for, let's get right to it.


Cozy Grove (Apple Arcade)

Cozy Grove released first on Apple Arcade but is available now on other platforms. Animal Crossing got its hooks in me this year like I was not expecting and I have been searching for another game to scratch that same itch. I tried a few, with most falling short, but Cozy Grove got me. Cozy Grove has you doing activities for the "residents" to progress the story. What this game does, which I really appreciate is, it's not afraid to tell you that's enough for today. You can only do a finite amount of objectives before the game lets you know there is no more. After that, you can roam around, collect resources, go fishing, or you can do what the game suggests and take a break. If you're a fan of games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley then definitely check this one out.

Sp!ng (Apple Arcade)

Sp!ng is a puzzle game that has you swinging around, trying to get all the orbs you can, and get to the finish. Most of the levels are easy to make it to the end but the challenge is in getting all the orbs in every level. Every level takes some learning, to keep the right flow, to get everything and make it to the end. I'm working on my full review now, but, spoiler alert, it's going to have a good score. Definitely check this one out.

Spire Blast (Apple Arcade)

When you play Jenga, you know the stress you feel when you are worried that the tower will collapse? Spire Blast takes that stress away and fills you with joy instead. You are matching colors to bring down the spire, and when it falls, it is so satisfying to watch it crumble down. For that feeling alone, I recommend this game; it was a great puzzle game to work your way through.

Lumen (Apple Arcade)

Lumen did the unthinkable for me: it took those annoying, light-based puzzles that you find in games (like the Uncharted series) and actually made it fun. There is some story in this game, but that was not presented well at all, but who needs it when you have some fun puzzles to solve. Using mirrors, and other contraptions, you bend light around the puzzle to solve it. This was a refreshing game and also a surprise to me that I liked it so much. I definitely recommend this one for fans of puzzle games.

League of Legends Wild Rift (Free)

I have never played League of Legends before; I did play DOTA for a little but never really got into it. MOBAs in general just are not my jam. League of Legends Wild Rift is a great game for people like me: who just never got into MOBAs before. The tutorial is great and shows you what different characters are expected to do. Veterans of MOBAs or newcomers like me, this is one that I recommend to try out.


Just a little bonus, I'm playing a new mobile game that I can't talk about just yet, but this is a good one! It hits on so many levels and I can't wait to talk about it with everyone. This is an explosive game that will appeal to many! Tune into Game Bites soon to hear more soon.


For more reviews, be sure to check out my thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077, Hitman World of Assassination, and Watch Dogs: Legion and my new podcast: Game Bites, the latest entry in The Spinchoon Podcast Network (check out Flix & a Six). We also started a new review series on The Spinchoon: Game Club. Check out our first entry on Sleeping Dogs here As always, check us out on Twitter @TheSpinchoon and I’m @Big_Broons

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