Monthly Mobile Gaming Report for August 2020

Welcome back to my monthly mobile report! If you missed last month, check out my report for July. Usual rules follow: not all new games, just where my time has been going this month. Let's get right to it.


Strike Team Hydra ($7.99)

Strike Team Hydra is a Sci-Fi cover based strategy game. Command your team and take down some aliens. The game is played on a grid where players have an energy system allowing them only a certain amount of moves per turn. Keep in mind you can only move a certain distance if you want to attack. A lot of this game is planning and getting your team in the right spots to work together and survive. If you like games like X-COM or any kind of strategy game then this is one you should check out. 

Dead Zone (Free)

Dead Zone is a third person shooter that has you moving around in a small area trying to survive a wave of monsters coming at you. As of now, there are six campaigns of 10 missions each having an easy, normal, and hard difficultly that will definitely keep you busy for some time. The game starts out very easy—and a little slow—but the difficulty ramps up quickly making some missions a fun challenge. It’s a free game, so there are plenty of in app purchases, but I have made it decently far without feeling the need to spend some real money. If you like shooters, give this one a shot; it doesn’t bring anything new to the table but it brings a pretty good pocket shooter.

Battle Bouncers (Free)

Battle Bouncers is a unique hybrid between brick breakers and an RPG hero collector. You collect and upgrade different hero’s and use them to shoot projectiles at different enemies and boxes. Avoid their attacks and clear the board to advance. This was a great game to pass some time, that didn’t require too much thinking, which is definitely needed in some phone games. This is once I recommend to any player, even the casual ones.

Super Clone (Free)

Super Clone is a roguelike (I hate that term) set in a Sci-Fi world taken over by robots. You play as a clone that has to save the world. Each run has you going through procedurally generated levels trying to make it to the end to take down the boss. You earn different loot and gold to power up your clone. After the first couple of worlds, the game becomes a grind to progress, but the grind doesn’t get old. This was a great game that I am planning on finishing and doing a full review on, therefore I strongly recommend this one.

Brawlhalla (Free) 

Brawlhalla had its original release in 2014 and now 6 years later it has finally arrived on mobile devices. It’s a 2D competitive brawler very similar to games like Super Smash Brothers. It plays great on mobile, but I did feel I needed to use my controller to stay competitive. It’s not unplayable with touch but definitely a lot harder. With or without a controller I still had a lot of fun and I recommend anyone check it out.


For more reviews, be sure to check out my thoughts on PictoQuest, Vigor, and The Last of Us Part II (spoiler free and with full spoilers), and my new podcast: Game Bites, the latest entry in The Spinchoon Podcast Network (check out Flix & a Six here). As always, check us out on Twitter @TheSpinchoonand I’m @Big_Broons.

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