Monthly Mobile Gaming Report for February 2020

Another month and another mobile report. Did you miss last month? It’s not too late be sure to check out my monthly mobile report for January. This month was a big free to play month for me; in fact all of the games are free this month. Let’s get right into the list.


Retro Bowl (Free)

February is SuperBowl month, so I spent some time playing football games. Retro Bowl stood out to me as the best. As the name suggests, it has a very retro look to it. Games only take a few minutes so it’s easy to pick up and play. You can sign new players, train players; you have full control over your team. This is a great game for any football fan.

Disney Getaway Blast (Free)

Well if you didn’t know, I’m a sucker for anything Disney. Disney Getaway Blast is a puzzle game that has you matching colors and completing quests to unlock your favorite Disney characters. As you unlock characters you unlock different missions. As you complete the missions you will start to rebuild the island paradise. This is a great game to play when you want to multitask; it doesn’t require your full attention. Its a fun puzzle game and a great showcase for all your favorite Disney characters.

Final Elimination (Free)

Final Elimination is a top down battle royale game. There are only 15 players in a match so the matches go really quickly. There are plenty of bushes that you can hide in to sneak up on your opponent, giving you the upper hand; a mechanic that sets it apart from some other mobile battle royales. The game looks great and feels great to play. It’s definitely one you should at least give a try.

Dark Prison: Last Soul Rescue (Free)

This is the type of game that I usually do not go for. It’s a game that is full of all the free to play tropes, but something about this one hooked me. You are on a mission to save your daughter and you do that one level at a time. You select the level and then shoot, fight, and dodge your way to the end. There is a lot of ads, and items to buy thrown in your face, but if you can look through it, it’s a fun game to play, even without buying anything.

Warface: Global Operations (Free)

Warface is a game getting on every platform. It’s on PC, console and even the Nintendo Switch. Now it’s on mobile — well kinda. The mobile version is very different from the console and PC version. Mobile is just the PVP portion of the game. The game controls great and is a nice alternative to my 2019 game of the year: Call of Duty Mobile. It has fast and fun matches, it looks great, and plays great. If you like shooters this is one to check out for sure.


That’s this month’s list; be sure to come back next month for a new year of lists. Be sure to check out my review ofImpractical Jokers: The Movie,and for everything else be sure to follow us on Twitter@TheSpinchoonand @Big_Broons.

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