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Monthly Mobile Gaming Report for January 2021

One month into 2021 and another list of some great mobile games. To see how we closed out 2020 check out our list for December. This was a great way to start off the year so let's get right to it.


XCOM 2 Collection ($24.99)

XCOM 2 has a high price tag but it's actually still a great value with what's included. XCOM is a strategy game with permadeath for your troops. You can customize everyone, which makes it easy to get attached to them, so when they die, it's hard to let go. I have been playing a lot of this game, making my way through the difficult campaign. I will be breaking this out into a full review, but this was one of my most played games of the month, so I wanted to give it a mention here too. Don't be afraid of the price tag this game is worth every penny.

Spire Blast (Apple Arcade)

This game is one of the most satisfying feeling mobile games that I have played in a while. The sound, the use of vibration, is perfect. You have a large spire to make collapse. Touch matching colors to make them disappear. Use physics to your advantage and take out pieces as smart as possible to make it all come crashing down. This is a great game to pick up and play when you only have a few minutes. I would even recommend subbing to Apple Arcade for a month just to give this one a shot.

UPDATE: The game has 80 levels available, On level 60 I have encountered a bug that will continue to crash my game. I reached out to the developer and will update when available. Even though I can not progress, I still find myself playing it.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic ($9.99)

This came as a little of a disappointment. I remember this game fondly and it was one of my favorite games when I was younger. I would play it all the time and not get tired of it. By today's standards, it's not bad, but it doesn't quite hold up either. There is still a lot of nostalgic fun to be had. I recommend this port of the game if you want to revisit it; if it's your first time, maybe be hopeful and wait for a reboot, now that the Star Wars license is not exclusive.

Streets of Rage 2 (Free)

When I sat down to think about 2020's game of the year, Streets of Rage 4 came to my mind. This made me want to dip back into my childhood and play some brawlers. Streets of Rage 2 looked and played exactly how I remembered. I think even newcomers to the game can enjoy this, even without the nostalgia. I highly recommend it.

Gwent (Free)

I had a pleasant time with Cyberpunk; I was fortunate to not have many bugs and got through the game with no game breaking issues. I played it on Stadia, on my phone, so i suppose that could even be on this list. However, playing through the game made me want to head back into the Witcher universe so I decided to check out Gwent. I have not had this much fun in a card game since I reviewed Cardpocolypse on Apple Arcade. If you never gave Gwent a shot, I highly recommend it.


For more reviews, be sure to check out my thoughts on Far Cry 5, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, and Halo: Combat Evolved and my new podcast: Game Bites, the latest entry in The Spinchoon Podcast Network (check out Flix & a Six). We also started a new review series on The Spinchoon: Game Club. Check out our first entry on Sleeping Dogs here As always, check us out on Twitter @TheSpinchoonand I’m @Big_Broons.

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