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Monthly Mobile Gaming Report For July 2021

Welcome back to another monthly report! Thank you for coming back! If you're new be sure to check out last month's list by clicking here. As we enter the second half of the year mobile gaming continues to shine for me. With that said let's get into it.

Jet Pack Joyride (Apple Arcade)

Many years ago jet pack joyride was an obsession for me. I even had it on the PlayStation vita because I just couldn’t get enough of the game. Now on Apple Arcade we have the classic game without all the painful microtransactions to tempt you. The gameplay is still solid and always fun. Flying around dodging zappers and missiles is something I continue to do daily. If you never played Jet Pack Joyride before now is the time to try it and if you are already a veteran like me, it’s always a good time to fly around.

Streetball Allstar (Free)

Streetball Allstar is a 3v3 arcade street basketball game. The game starts out a little slow with tutorials showing you the basics but once you get past it you get a pretty good arcade basketball game. It has the typical free to play problems of struggling to upgrade your players but if you avoid it the game is pretty fun. I thought this was going to be a game I downloaded and immediately delete but I find myself to be going back for more matches. I recommend this to any fan of arcade sports or basketball games.

Flick fishing (GameClub)

For those unfamiliar, GameClub is a subscription available for $4.99 a month for all the games in the GameClub catalog. Flick Fishing was the one I couldn’t be reeled away from this month. You literally flick your wrist holding your phone to cast your line. It’s far from realistic but it’s a fun change to the monotonous fishing games out there. If you have GameClub I definitely recommend trying this one out.

Farm It (Apple Arcade)

This is an extremely basic game, but it's still a fun game to pass some time. After Animal Crossing I have been looking for games to scratch that same itch. While Farm It is nowhere near as complex as Animal Crossing growing different crops and harvesting it still had me thinking of it. Each crop you plant presents you with quick mini games to try to get the best sore on and then sell the crops. It's an easy game to pick up and play for a few minutes and I recommend it to people looking to do just that.

Contra returns (Free)

I'm so excited to finally talk about Contra Returns. You can see my full review here. What I will see now is simply, play this game. It's a free to play game but while slightly annoying with pop ups the microtransactions are not needed. You can progress very far in the game without ever feeling the need to spend some money. Definitely check out my full review and play this game.


Double kick hero’s (Xcloud)

The trend continues and I am highlighting another game on Xcloud that works well with touch controls. Double Kick Hero’s is an action rhythm game that has you shooting down enemies to the beat of a song. Your car is speeding away with enemies hot on your tail. Keep the rhythm and take them out. Do not be afraid to try this one with touch controls. It's simple and works very well.

Disney pop town (Free)

Another bonus game since this was already highlighted on a monthly list. The reason I am bringing this back up is that my wife recently got into it and that means I am back into it too. We are competing to see who can get further and having a blast while doing it. If you like match three games then this is one to try out for sure.

That does it for this month. For more reviews check out my review of Marvel's Avengers DLC and Samurai Jack Battle Through Time. If you need more games or if movies are your thing then head over to our Podcast page to listen to Game Bites or Flix and a Six.

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