Monthly Mobile Gaming Report for June 2020

The year is flying by, but there has not been a shortage of great games to play on your phone. As usual, if you missed last month, it's not too late! Check out my report for May. By now this should go without saying, but these games are not all new, just what I have been spending my time with this month.


Takeshi and Hiroshi (Apple Arcade)

An Apple Arcade game that I really loved. Since our review on Game Bites, and my written review, I have played through the game once more. The storytelling here is perfect. The game itself has issues, but the art style and the story are well worth your time, and should be checked out. For more on this one be sure to head over to Game Bites and have a listen.

Trivia Royale (Free)

I like to think I am smart so trivia games are always fun for me. Trivia Royale incorporated a battle royale mode; that’s right a trivia battle royale. There are 1000 players, and you go against one player with a random question, and the loser is eliminated. If you both get it right, it comes down to the speed you answered it. There is also a normal competitive mode where you can choose a category and go against one person. It’s a great trivia package and I highly recommend it.

Bullet Echo (Free)

Bullet Echo is a small competitive top down shooter. The map is dark and you can only see with a small vision cone in front of you. You need to listen to what’s going on around so you can try to see where people are, and then get them in front of you so you can take them out. It’s a very interesting idea and works well. It’s worth taking a look at.

Pokémon Cafe (Free)

Pokémon Cafe launched soon after its announcement during a Pokémon Presents stream. The art style is adorable, and if you like Pokémon even a little, the way the Pokémon are presented will make you smile. You are running a cafe for Pokémon, and different ones will come and visit and want different items. The way you make the items is by playing a unique puzzle game that has you dragging your finger all over your screen to match Pokémon. This was something I liked more than I thought I would and I recommend giving it a look. 

I Am Hero (Free)

I Am Hero is an idle game that has some auto chess mechanics to it. When you are not playing, being an idle game, you are earning experience and currency. You unlock new heroes and set them up on a game board that is very similar to an auto chessboard. Each level is an auto chess match, but unlike a game of typical auto chess, this is only one round. All of the upgrades and strategies take place before you head into the level. This was extremely unique and I have put more time into then I would have thought. If your a fan of either genre then definitely check this one out.


For more game reviews check out my review of The Last of Us Part 1. If you need something a little more mellow, check out my review on Animal Crossing New Horizons. For everything else be sure to follow me on Twitter I'm @Big_Broons.

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