Monthly Mobile Gaming Report For June 2021

Half the year is gone and in my opinion, it has been a solid year for gaming no matter what your platform of choice. We missed last month's report but you can still check out the report for April. Since we missed a month let's not waste any more time and let's get right to the list.

Superstar Hockey (Free)

The developers of this game seem like they were in my head when they made this. I have always been looking for a good hockey game on mobile and my prayers were finally answered. Superstar Hockey is very simple and easy to play. You can even play it with only one hand. You play quick rounds of hockey to earn trophies and currency to get new players and upgrade your current team. It’s a similar mechanic for a lot of mobile games but with a hokey twist. I highly recommend this for any hockey fan.

Smash Legends (Free)

Smash Legends is very similar to one of my favorite mobile games of all time, Brawl Stars. It’s quick 3 v 3 matches where you play as unique brawlers across a variety of game modes. The game is a little more complex in its controls than Brawl Stars but still very easy to pick up and play. This is a fun one to try for anyone who likes competitive games

Armed Heist (Free)

When Armed Heist initially came out I was very heavy into it and for some reason forgot about it until recently. It’s basically a mobile version of the game Pay Day. It’s a third person shooter where you are the bad guy. You go on different heists and objectives steal money. It’s a nice twist on the typical shooter formula. This is one any shooter fan should definitely check out

Spin Craft (Free)

This is a weird one. It’s a rogue like deck building game disguised as a slot machine. As you play you are basically building your own slot machine to try to make the most money to continue playing. At a quick glance, it looks very basic but it’s extremely complicated. I am learning something new on every run to try to make more money. This is an interesting game I recommended everyone experience.

Steam World Quest ($9.99)

Steam World Quest is a beautiful hand drawn turn based RPG. You make a small deck of cards for each hero in your party and select cards to play each turn. I’m currently about 5 hours into this game and working on a full review. I have greatly enjoyed my time and recommend this to fans of the Steam World franchise or anyone who likes turn based games.


I’m going to continue to add a bonus game for the foreseeable future. With Xbox cloud gaming being available on both android and iOS there are games that have touch controls in mind and each month I will highlight one that plays well with touch.

Donut County

This game is available nativity on iOS and android which is how I originally played it. Recently I replayed the game on Xbox cloud gaming with only touch controls. It worked super well and was a lot of fun to play through again. It’s a whacky game with a great art style and fantastic writing. The gameplay has you controlling a hole in the ground that gets bigger as items fall into it. You need to get everything to drop in. It’s very simple and rarely posed a challenge but it was always a joy.

And that’s this month's list. If you are looking for more game content be sure to check out our podcast Game Bites. For some reviews take a look at my review of Halo Reach, Super Bomber Man R, and Beyond Blue.

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