Monthly Mobile Gaming Report for March 2020

Welcome back to our monthly mobile report. If you missed last month, it’s still not too late! Check out our report for February.

It’s a scary time in the world. Games can be our escape to forget what’s going on around us; that’s what some of these games did for me. Other games on the list this month were great for being social, and still having fun with friends, while being apart and social distancing. Let’s get into it.


Evil Apples Vs. Humanity (Free)

This was the perfect way to substitute a traditional game night during social distancing. If the name doesn’t give it away, it’s a card game in the vein of Cards Against Humanity. This lets you start a private game with your friends all at no cost to you. Personally, we had a few people jump on a video call, we all played, and it was almost like we were playing in the same room. This was the game we needed to continue game night during social distancing. Just a PSA about this one: it’s not family friendly. A lot of the cards have dirty responses.

She Sees Red ($2.99)

She Sees Red is an interactive movie. You control the actions that take place on the screen. It was unique and very enjoyable. It’s not originally in English, so the voiceover can be distracting, but it’s still worth your time. I had a lot more thoughts on it in my full review,which along with this game, you should check out.

Stop (Free)

Stop is another fun game to play with friends. You play one friend 1v1. It’s basically the game Scattergories but shortened down for quick games. One player spins a wheel, which will tell you what letter you are going to have use. You are then given five random categories that you need to answer with a word starting with the specific letter from the wheel. This brought hours of fun and I highly recommend it.

Mini Motorways (Apple Arcade)

Mini Motorways was the follow up to Mini Metro (Which at the time of writing this is free). This is a game that goes from a relaxing city builder to a chaotic mess in seconds. You are building roads and bridges, to make the best design, to have the best flow of traffic. This is another game that I enjoyed and wrote a full review for. This is a game that works very well on mobile and you need to try it for yourself.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 (Free)

This is an annual release that I look forward to every year. Its a very minimal game: all you do is tap to swing and you don’t have to worry about pitching or fielding. I have one friend (shout out T-Rack) That we get into heated battles every year. It’s an uphill battle to earn new players, and upgrade your team, but I never felt that I needed to spend any money to compete. This is a great multiplayer game to get some fun quick matches and you should definitely try it out.


For more reviews, be sure to check out my thoughts onCall of Duty: Warzone,Neo CabandSpaceland,also check out ourRetro Reviews,where I reminisced aboutSuper Mario Brothers 3.As always, check us out on Twitter@TheSpinchoonand I’m@Big_Broons.

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