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Monthly Mobile Gaming Report For November 2020

The year that we all want to forget is almost over. It may be a bad year for the world, but for games, it has been pretty solid. If you missed last month's be sure to check that out, and if you're up to date, then let's jump right into November.


Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells (Free)

Match 3 games usually get their hooks in me pretty easily and that's what happened here. Not only do I love playing these types of games on my phone, but I also love the license that it's based on, so it was a win-win for me. Match 3 games are the perfect game for me when I want to relax, and not fully focus and commit to a game, and this was the perfect distraction for me. I recommend this to any fan of match 3 or if you like Harry Potter.

Space Marshalls 3 (Free to try, $4.99 unlock chapter 1)

My full review for chapter 1 is coming soon so I won't say much here. If you know what Space Marshalls is, then you already know this will be great. If you do not know what Space Marshalls is, then go and download the first two games; you are welcome. This is an isometric-view action game. Shoot, melee, and stealth your way through the replayable levels. Spoiler alert for my review: I love this game and highly recommend it.

Fish Royale (Free)

Fish Royale doesn't bring anything new to the table, but what it does bring is something familiar and easy to play. It's very similar to the Hungry Shark games. You play as a small fish and continue to grow as you eat more and more fish. There are plenty of fish to unlock and play as to keep things fresh. This was a great game to play for low stakes and nothing stressful. I recommend this to players who are fans of Hungry Shark and want to try something new.

Trivia Crack Adventure (Free)

Trivia Crack Adventure takes the mascots and questions of the original Trivia Crack and has you play it out on a gameboard. Roll a die and move forward. The space you land on indicates what question type you will get and it's a race to the finish. Rescue all the mascots on your way to the finish line. If you like playing with your friends in trivia then this is definitely a fun one to check out.

Ride Out Heroes (Free)

Yet another battle royale game, but like some others I have noted, this one has a different feel to it. There are multiple classes to choose from to change up your playstyle and different mounts to ride to cover more ground. Something that makes this game stand out more than having different classes is what happens when you die. When you die you turn into a dragon! Everything is a battle royale now, and this game was different enough to stand out; I recommend this to fans of battle royale games that are looking for something different.


For more reviews, be sure to check out my thoughts on Marvel's Avengers, Simulacra, and Google Stadia and my new podcast: Game Bites, the latest entry in The Spinchoon Podcast Network (check out Flix & a Six here). As always, check us out on Twitter @TheSpinchoonand I’m @Big_Broons.

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