Monthly Mobile Gaming Report For October 2020

Hello and welcome back to my monthly mobile gaming report. If you missed last month's list, be sure to check out my list for September. These are the games that I have been sinking the most of my time into this month. Let's get right into it.


Badlanders (Free)

Bandlanders is very similar to a game that I was not too fond of called Vigor. It's a survival looter shooter. You drop into a map, and have to scavenge for supplies and resources, and make it to an extraction point. However, you're not alone, there are other players on the same mission as you that would love to take your loot. Shoot and hide to stay alive. What makes this better than Vigor, to me, was simply the fact it's on a mobile platform and is better for a pickup and play type of game. I recommend giving this one a try.

Throne Quest ($2.99)

Throne Quest was a mash up of an action RPG and a twin stick shooter. Playing this game, I never knew what I was doing; I was always lost but I was always having fun. Finding new loot, and taking down swarms of enemies, was something that I could keep doing and it did not get old. I did not finish this game but I have put a lot of hours into just wandering around and killing everything in my path. If you like getting lost in a world, and just taking down enemies, then this is a game for you.

Funko Pop Blitz (Free)

Funko Pop Blitz is a fun, score-based, match three game. It's basically a re-skin of a different game that I really enjoyed: Disney Emoji Blitz. Match three games are the perfect mobile game. Anyone can pick up and play. This one has a fun aesthetic of Funko Pops, and who doesn't love Funko Pops? This one is for anyone who likes match-three games.

Hoop League Tactics (Free, $2.99 for full unlock)

Hoop League is a very different kind of sports sim. It's a turn-based tactical game of basketball. Plan out your actions—just like you would in a turn-based action game—but this time you are playing basketball. You can do everything from shoot three pointers to execute alley-oops. This was a refreshing change and I recommend it for anyone looking for a different kind of sports game.

Hellfire (Free)

As it stands now, Hellfire is a very bare bones game, but what's there is great and can only get better. It's a competitive first person shooter. Its fast paced and looks like something out of the Doom universe. You have to keep moving to be effective. Many shooting games can be slow and filled with players camping; not Hellfire, it's fast from start to finish. I recommend this to any fan of multiplayer shooters.


For more reviews, be sure to check out my thoughts on Marvel's Avengers, Simulacra, and Google Stadia and my new podcast: Game Bites, the latest entry in The Spinchoon Podcast Network (check out Flix & a Six here). As always, check us out on Twitter @TheSpinchoonand I’m @Big_Broons.

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