Nintendo: An Evil Mastermind

Nintendo is as a family oriented and kid friendly company, known for their iconic mascots like Mario, Zelda and many more. Nintendo debuted its famous Nintendo Entertainment system or NES home console first in Japan is 1983. Nintendo set the world on fire with this home console and kids all over Japan were in love. Having household names and a successful business is not why I am calling them evil.What if I told you that the kids that were playing the NES, Nintendo could have had a hand in bringing these kids to existence. You read that right. Genius.

The best way to get there is to just go back before the NES was even around. Nintendo was a company just trying to find its footing and be successful. They had more business opportunities then you would ever think.

Nintendo originally formed in 1889, that’s almost 100 years before they created what today’s generations even know them for. Nintendo first started by making playing cards. They saw much success in this, even creating their own tournaments called the “Nintendo Cup”. Like most companies, success drove them to grow and then chase more success. That’s when they started to get a little weird. Nintendo started their own TV station and their own food company selling mainly instant rice.

Strap in, it’s about to get weird. Nintendo also started a taxi company called Daiya. The first step in their evil plan! The taxi industry started successfully for them but they ended up having to sell due to labor restrictions causing the company to cost too much for them to run. Daiya however remained in business. So theatrically you could go out on a date, call a cab, and go to one of Nintendo’s other business ventures, a love hotel. That’s right a love hotel, or a pay by the hour hotel. See the dots I’m starting to connect here?

Here it is, the mastermind known as Nintendo begins to execute the evil plan. I am willing to bet that there is someone in this world that their parents took a ride in a Daiya cab and went to a Nintendo owned pay by the hour hotel and then nine months later they were born. If this is the case then Nintendo could have made part of their own fan base to launch their gaming company. I like to think that someone at Nintendo had this idea for a video game home console and all during the research and development phase they set this plot for pay by the hour hotels to bring more kids into the world for their own success.

If you’re like me, you love Nintendo and want them to be successful. We all know that Nintendo has been going through a rough patch. This isn’t the first time that Nintendo crashed and struggled. The NES helped to bring them out so let us all hope the switch will do the same. At the time of this article the switch has been a success. Is this part two of the evil plan? Time will tell and cant wait to see how it plays out.

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