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Quick Impressions: Back 4 Blood

At The Spinchoon we are nothing if we are not honest. With that said right now we have all been busy with life, but who isn’t? This is not an excuse this is an explanation. With a lot of priorities outside of gaming, I personally have not been able to finish all the games I want, so I came up with this idea. This will be the first “Quick Impressions”. What Quick Impressions will be is a game I have been playing and my experience with it and at the end I will give it one of three options on if I will be playing it: Not likely, Likely, Extremely Likely. With that let us get to the First Quick Impressions.

Since its announcement Back 4 Blood is a game I have been looking forward to. Left 4 Dead was one of my favorite shooters when that was released and I have constantly been searching for something to scratch that itch. Will Back 4 Blood be that game?

Reviewed on Xcloud.

When I first booted up Back 4 Blood I couldn’t stop smiling. It felt like a modern Left 4 Dead and that’s all I could have ever asked for. This is a four player cooperative shooter that has you going against huge hordes of zombies and a good selection of special zombies with different abilities.

You have 8 characters to choose from, four from the start and then you unlock four more. Each character has a special ability that helps certain play styles. Its almost like you don't pick your character, your play style picks your character for you.

I am not a multiplayer gamer anymore so I was cautious about getting into a multiplayer shooter and there are some issues I have with this. At its release, you have the option to play solo but you could not progress or unlock anything playing this way, you are forced to play with friends or randoms in order to progress.

Unlockables are a big portion of this game. You have to unlock different cards to bring with you into each game. You can make a custom deck to match your play style. Cards can be anything to help you do more damage or help you to survive. It was great to experiment with different cards.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to play with friends due to schedules but I have payed with some random players and have had mostly good experiences. Teamwork is always hard with randoms but even when things get messy it was still a blast to play.

There is a verse mode that I have not got to play too much yet but the little I did was good but not great. It is a round based 4 verse 4 mode with 4 survivors against 4 special infected zombies to see which group lasts longer.


Back 4 Blood has been a great time. It's the modern version of Left 4 Dead that I have wanted for years. With only a handful of hours played so far this is one I will be extremely likely to go back to. I'm looking forward to watching how this game evolves and grows over time.

Verdict: Extremely Likely

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