Quick Impressions: Forza Horizon 5

Updated: Mar 12

Forza Horizon 5 is an open world driving game that has been a showcase for how games should look on new hardware. This one did not disappoint.

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I recently had a quick impression of Riders Republic. I said I liked the game and would continue to play if it was not for another game that came out, well, Forza is that game.

Both games are very similar, they are open world, racing games that are going on during a festival. Forza just happens to do it a little better.

Part of Forza that really spoke to me was nostalgia. I don’t even mean nostalgia for Forza games, this was actually my first Forza game. This game gave me vibes from the original Driver game. For some reason driving around to progress a story without getting out of your car just gave me those feelings.

Forza is extremely approachable, even for people like me that never play racing games. There are a lot of difficulty and accessibility options to give everyone the best experience possible. Every race felt competitive and kept me intrigued by the game.

I often found myself not even doing events and just driving around the open world. Just driving without worry was a zen like experience that helped me clear my head after a long day.


Forza Horizon 5 is a beautiful game that seems to do everything right. Between the accessibility options and the nature of the open world this is a game that will be going on for a long time and I like to think I will be there for it all.

Final Verdict: Very Likely

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