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Quick Impressions: Remnant From the Ashes

With the release of Elden Ring and me having an internal battle if I should play it, had me looking for other difficult games and I stumbled into Remnant from the Ashes.

Reviewed on Xcloud

Remnant From the Ashes is a third person action game that is playable solo, so they say, or with up to two friends. This was something I went at solo since I’m lacking in the friends department.

First impressions of the game were strong. I found it challenging but not punishing, that was something I could get behind. That feeling sadly didn’t last.

Let’s start at the beginning. You get to create your character and then enter this post apocalyptic world. The best comparison I have seen for this game is that its Dark Souls with guns, I couldn’t agree more. This definitely played more like a souls game than a third person shooter.

During the tutorial area, you have a lot of dialogue options which I normally do like. The problem here was your character never spoke your response. You would select it and then the NPC you are talking to would just answer. Not a deal breaker but definitely something that ruins the immersion.

After the tutorial area, you go into the world and the difficulty really picked up. It no longer felt like a game that’s meant to be played solo. I always felt hamstrung by my decision to go at it solo.

Another problem I had and this is a big reason I know I won’t get into Elden Ring, despite every single person telling me I will, I had a hard time finding my objectives. I found myself wandering around aimlessly fighting off a bunch of enemies just trying my best not to die. Death ultimately would come for me again telling me I need friends to really get deep into this game. I understand that this is what some people want, just not for me.


After my initial 30 minutes or so I had high hopes and thought this was a game I could get behind. After around 5 hours I realized this was not a game for me. Difficulty spikes and gameplay that screams you need friends to succeed were a big reason I decided to step away.

Verdict: Unlikely to return

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