Quick Impressions: Riders Republic

Riders Republic is an open world extreme sports racing game. Not much that I’m usually interested in but for some reason, I felt intrigued by this and couldn’t wait to check it out.

Reviewed on Google Stadia

From the moment I started playing, I realized this game was something special. There are multiple sports to race in and they all feel good and different. Speeding down a trail, going off a ramp on skis, and then taking to the skies in a wingsuit was all rewarding.

The game opens up with a rather long tutorial taking you through different events with different sports. After the tutorial, the world opens and it’s your playground. You can just ride around the open world and stumble into different events or you can fast travel to a specific and event and start racing.

The open world feels alive. You see plenty of other players riding around. I’m sure most of them or even all of them are just bots or ghosts of other players but it makes the world feel lived in.

The game has a story but it’s nothing that will keep you coming back for. Its cutscenes and writing are borderline cringy and the voice acting is below average. It’s something you just have to get through to get back into the events.

The biggest standout in Riders Republic is the multiplayer mass races. It’s a huge race across multiple events and a large number of people. You will be biking down a hill, hit a ramp, and then take off in a wingsuit. It was a great event and I jumped on it every time it was available.

The controls are pretty simple to pick up and play and the assessability options are great and make the game very approachable for people looking to just have fun.


Riders Republic is extremely approachable and extremely fun. All of the sports feel different and feel great to play. This is a game that I would have been extremely likely to keep playing if it was not for another release that I will talk about in the near future. Because of that release….

Verdict: Not Likely

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