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Review: Against The Currant

Book: Against The Currant

Author: Olivia Matthews

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.


Lyndsay and her family open up a bakery in Brooklyn New York. At the soft opening with a store full of people, Lyndsay gets into an argument with another bakery owner, Claudio. Lyndsay throws Claudio out of her bakery and threatens him. The next day Claudio is found murdered and thanks to the store full of people who witnessed Lyndsay threaten him, Lyndsay is suspect number one.

Lyndsay and her family were all such strong characters. Lyndsay's family had her back the entire time, none of them ever doubted her. They are the type of family we can all be lucky enough to have and it came to life with excellent writing.

The mystery was well-crafted and suspenseful. The twist and turns it takes while some were easy to see others caught me by complete surprise.

If you love mysteries then you have to check out Against the Currant.

Final score 4/5

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