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Review: Automated Daydreaming

Book: Automated Daydreaming

Author: William Pauley III

Thank you NetGalley and Doom Fiction for a free copy of this audiobook.


I have been becoming very familiar with William Pauley III's work over the last few months and he is becoming a name that I won’t forget. He has such a way of writing that really hits you. Unfortunately of his work that I have experienced this is my least favorite.

This was originally a few short stories that were put together to be this novel. It works together but at times I did feel it to be a little disjointed and I got lost. The plot as a whole worked but didn’t grab me like his work on the Bedlam Bible.

I always hate following what people say and agreeing but I think it needs to be said. The mermaid segment is definitely the strongest segment and will hit the hardest.

Personally I think I would have enjoyed these stories broken up into short stories but it’s still an enjoyable book.

Final score 3/5

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