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Review: Baseball Superstars 2020

Baseball Superstars 2013 was probably my most played mobile game for years, even after it was out of date. With Baseball Superstars making a return, I couldn’t wait to start playing. Could this live up to my hype?


Baseball Superstars 2020 is an RPG baseball game. It’s not a match made in heaven but it was a welcome fusion. The way this game works is you have a team made up of players who are not developed and have a low overall rating. You enter the game mode called My Player and then go through a series of trainings and games to develop your player to then be able to be put on your team.

My Player

In the previous games, my player mode was all I played but it worked much differently. In the old titles, you can create a player and play through multiple seasons with your player. In this game, you have only 7 games and then the player is done and can be put on a team. 

The player creator is lacking customization we have come to expect. It has female players in the game but you can not even create a female player yourself. In 2020 that’s a very odd omission. 

After your player is created you have to assign trainers to your character, that’s where they make their money but I will get back to that. With the trainers assigned it's time to develop your player. You have three events to do before each game, events can be various different training or even just taking a nap to get your stamina back. After the three events you play a game and then the progress restarts until your player is developed. 

After everything you do you earn two different currencies, you earn one to add skills and one to buy items in a shop for your player. Managing these resources during your development is crucial to getting your players overall as high as possible.


As I mentioned earlier, trainers are how developer Gameville makes their money. You can spend real money on a premium currency to open random boxes with trainers. The trainers have different rarities and different positions they are used for training. The better the trainer and the higher the level is what affects your players training during My Player progression. This is where the game can get a little "pay to win" but for me, it wasn't too big of a deal. I was having enough fun playing the game that I didn't feel I needed the best trainers to make the best players.

Planet League

Planet League is basically a franchise mode. You start out in an easy league and play through a season and a postseason to gain rewards to help you grow your team. The games get harder as it goes but this mode ultimately lacked any kind of depth to make this a viable option.

Superstar League

The PVP mode was really a slip up for me. I would love to play this game against some friends and that option is not even there. In this PVP mode, you pick from one of three opponents and play against them. All you are doing is playing their team, not the player. The teams are completely AI controlled so there is not any real time PVP which is a bummer for me.


Baseball Superstars is a lot of fun but as a whole, it lacks the depth to give this game any kind of staying power. It needs some updates to keep it relevant but for what it is now, it's still a fun baseball game to waste time in, just don't expect too much. I spent a lot of hours in it (Screen time had me clocked at over 30 hours) before I felt I got everything so I still do recommend it. Batter up.

Final Score -5.5/10-


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