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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Battle & Crash is a top-down car battle game. Looking at it made me think of Rocket League crossed with Twisted Metal, which made me excited. It’s available for a very strange price of $6.29 on the Nintendo Switch.

Developed by SIMS Co

Battle & Crash was a fun little game that was just pure, simple entertainment. Drive around, crash into cars to do some damage, or shoot them with a variety of weapons to do even more damage.

Take them out, and win.

The controls are very simple. You use the left stick to control your car and then you have two buttons for your weapons: a main weapon and a secondary. As you play, you will see new weapons, and a variety of items appear on the ground. You simply drive over them to pick them up. It’s simple and easy to learn.

All the cars have different stats, but I never really was able to feel the difference while playing. There are five cars to unlock that seem to just unlock from playing.

It doesn’t have too many game modes, but what’s there is good. To me, the weakest one if simply called “Team Battle”; this is a 4v4 match that pits two teams against each other. Your teammates have a star next to their name, but in the heat of battle, it’s hard to tell who is friendly and who is an enemy. The team with more kills at the end wins.

My favorite mode is called survival. It’s exactly what it sounds like: survive. The match is 15 cars and the last car standing wins.

When the match first starts it’s pure chaos. The map is small; it’s just one screen, so 15 cars on screen is a lot of action. If you get too adventurous in the beginning, it will make it very hard for you to win. You have to pick your battles early on, and let everyone else battle it out. The only aspect of this mode that I don’t like is, when you die, you have to watch the rest of the match. They don’t take too long, so it’s not a huge waste of time, but with the amount of chaos that happens in the beginning, it could have you eliminated early and watching the match from the sidelines.

The final mode is the most extensive. It’s called Battle League. In Battle League, there are 8 cars that compete in 5 matches. When the round is over, there are points given for each place, with first place giving 10 points. At the end of round 5, the player with the most points wins the match. Each round is a different kind of match: some are last car standing, some are timed, others you have a set amount of lives. The random aspect of this made it fun, since you never knew what you were going to get. This was the most replayable and deep game mode that the game has to offer.


Battle & Crash is simple fun. It doesn’t have deep gameplay — or a lot of game modes — but its still a lot of fun. It’s a good game to jump in for a few matches and have some quick fun. I give this one a thumbs up. It’s not a lot of money, making this an easy recommendation if you want some quick simple fun.

Final Score: — 6.5/10 —


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