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Review: Beast of the Earth

Book: Beast of the Earth

Author: James Wade

Thank you NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing for an advanced audio copy.


Beast of the Earth is a story with dual perspectives that take place 20 years apart.

In the 1980s we follow Harlan LeBlanc. Harlan is a groundskeeper at the local high school. He sticks to himself and is often made fun of by students and his peers. Harlan comes off as a genuine person and for me, it was easy to picture him and relate him to someone I have experienced in my life.

The other point of view is from a boy named Michael Fischer. Michael’s father gets out of jail and returns home which then causes Michael to run away.

Until everything started to come together in the end I did not care much for Michael’s story. I was more invested and interested in Harlan’s story. One of Harlan’s young coworkers is accused of murder and Harlan believes in his innocence. I was very intrigued by how far Harlan was willing to go for the truth.

Harlan mentions his favorite book is Of Mice and Men which is a tragedy. Well, strap in because Beast of the Earth is also one and it’s one I would recommend.

Final Score 4/5

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