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Review: Book of Knives

Book: Book of Knives

Author: Lise Haines

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.


Book of Knives follows Nora, a young widow who recently remarried. Nora’s new husband Paul needs to return to his parent's estate when they become ill. Nora goes with him and when they arrive Paul’s brother Gabe and his family are already there. Once they are at Paul’s family’s house is when things start to get a little creepy and strange.

All of that sounds good and I wanted it to be good, but sadly it was more confusing that anything else. There is also a major plot point that goes unexplained which I find unforgivable.

I like when my brain is challenged and I need to think and figure out the story. I just don’t think I could ever figure this one out. Some of the thrills and suspense are well done and written well but as a whole, it’s just lacking anything to keep me invested.

All of the characters including Nora were underdeveloped and not all that likable. The best my stupid brain can do is this book is just a metaphor for loss. That’s pretty accurate since I feel like I lost time.

Final Score: 2/5

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