Review: Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II is a 2D open world action RPG game set in a fantasy world of both dogs and cats. It’s available on Apple Arcade, Steam and Nintendo Switch; most of my playtime was on Apple Arcade. Action RPGs are a genre that can easily get repetitive and boring. Does this one get boring or is this an adventure worth taking?



There was a prophecy that a cat and a dog, both kings, would return to reclaim their thrones. You play as these two kings that were brought together against there will to unite dogs and cats and take down evil. The story was cute and full of puns, but it was just there — it wasn’t driving me forward. The gameplay is what shines in this game.


Playing on Apple Arcade, I tried this game both with a controller and with touch controls. I have seen most people say to use a controller but I actually preferred touch controls. I found it so much easier, and surprisingly, more accurate.

With touch controls, you touch where you want to walk and double-tap to roll. You can play as either the dog or the cat and switch on the fly. There are both ranged attacks and melee attacks; in my playthrough I had my cat set up for range and my dog set up for melee. I liked range better, but that is almost always my preference in games like this. During the battle, you have an array of skills to use to your advantage, but I found one I liked early on and just stuck with it.

Art Style

The art style is beautiful. As you play, it looks just like you are running and fighting on top of a 2D map. It’s a very unique presentation. When you’re walking across the map, or even walking across the water (yup you can eventually walk on water), it just looks like you opened up an atlas and used it as your playing field.

Side Quest

The game is riddled with a ton of side quests. Most of them were simple quests, that consisted of traveling somewhere and fighting enemies, but I did them all. This is one of the few games that I completed all the side quests in. Even after rolling credits, and beating everything, I was still thirsting for more. I found my self hunting for something else to uncover and complete. The main quests are very similar to the side quest in what activities you need to complete. This game had such little variety in quests but somehow that didn’t matter. It was always a joy to play, even if it could be repetitive.

Bring on the Puns

This game had a ton of puns and references. I don’t want to get to far into them so you can discover them on your own. My favorite was The Doge Knight, who even has an enemy, Two-FurFace.

Just One Thing

My only major problem with this game is that they make such a big deal about dogs and cats, but they look identical to me. If they didn’t tell me I was playing as a dog and a cat I would have thought they were both cats. Very few NPCs look like a dog, the majority were cats too me, even if they tell me it was a dog. Look at the below screenshot and try to tell me which one you think is the cat


Cat Quest II is a fantastic action RPG. There are hours of content even if it gets a little repetitive. The game never stops being fun and excellent puns help drive a mediocre story forward. I give this one a paw up. It’s far from PURfect, but it gets close, and if this sounds like it’s for you, you should check this one out.

Final Score: — 7.5/10 —


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