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Review: Croc's World

Croc’s World is a platformer that wants to copy Super Mario in every way possible. It’s available on most major platforms for $4.99. Is this a clone that’s worth your time? Maybe; let’s jump in.

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Sprakelsoft GmbH


When you first look at Croc’s World, it’s aesthetically pleasing. The art style is cartoony, bright, and beautiful. That’s where most of the positives end. It’s a 2D platformer, which is hard to make without being compared to the greatest platformer: Super Mario. Not only does it play similarly, but it looks similar, swapping out a mushroom for a helmet, the fire flower for throwable rocks, and coins for purple diamonds.

The game likes to explain its two powerups to you way too much. Even in the last level, when you pick up a powerup, it tells you what the power up does.

There are only two!

I don’t understand the constant explanation. It throws words on the screen with its description which can be distracting if there are other enemies onscreen.

The gameplay itself is passable but not great.

The jumping feels inconsistent and very floaty. Jumping is the main mechanic of platformers so it's key to nail it. Jumping on enemies feels satisfying, when you hit them, but because the mechanics are so floaty, it can be a chore to hit some of them. If you have stones to throw, it's the easier option to take care of them.

There were only two worlds with thirty levels in each. The levels are short—about a minute each—so the game can be run through quickly. Some levels pose a challenge. The strangest decision this game made was how they end the levels. They literally just end.

There is nothing that tells you it's over, it’s just over.

Like the levels, the game just ends. There is no way to tell the first level in the world from the last; they all look the same. The two worlds look different, but that’s it, every level in each world looks like the rest. Its also lacking a true final level.

Again, and I cannot stress this enough, it just ends.

From a performance standpoint, the levels played flawlessly. The only issue I had was when I beat the last level in World One, and in World Two, my game encountered an error and needed to be restarted. My progress was saved, so it wasn’t a big deal, just something that happened.


Croc’s World is a Super Mario clone that falls short of being anything remarkable. It does not overstay its welcome, which was definitely appreciated. Its floaty jump mechanics and strange level design hold this back from being something to recommend. This one will get a thumbs down, however, it somehow compelled me to buy the sequel, so stay tuned for that review.

Final Score — 3/10 


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