Review: Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a nonviolent cartoon battle royale. It’s a mix of mini games to get to the last man standing. It’s available on PC and PS4.

Reviewed on PS4

Developed by Mediatonic


Fall Guys is exactly the game I needed right now. It’s a lot of fun and can be what you want it to be. It can be casual, and a way to just play and have fun, or it can be extremely competitive. It’s all in how you are feeling and what you are looking for in the moment.

The game is an online game with 60 players competing for victory. Each game has five rounds of random mini games. They are very varied and most of them are very enjoyable.

My favorite are the races. You race to the finish through an obstacle course of many colorful hazards trying to stop you. While running and jumping to get to the finish line, other players also will get in your way, causing a fun amount of chaos. There is only a certain amount of spots to qualify; be one of those to move on.

After the round is over, one of my favorite parts of the game takes place: everyone is in their own space on a board, and one by one, players who are eliminated are knocked off the board and fall off the screen. It’s a fun animation to watch.

The rounds all look similar, but again, the gameplay is very varied. My least favorite rounds are the team rounds. You are teamed up with random players for different game modes like soccer or a variation of tag and along with some others. You need to rely on your team doing the right thing, and more often than not, I felt I was grouped with players that had no idea what was going on. Most of my runs for the crown ended in a team game.

Unlocking different costumes and putting them on your jelly bean character was something that didn't get old. Changing your look was a lot of fun and seeing everyone elses look made me strive to unlock certain cosmetics. 

The game is not a free to play game but it does have microtransactions and a store. The store has items changing daily, which is a bummer, because if something you want is there today and you don't have enough currency you are forced to buy some to get it. Definitely seems like a calculated move. The microtransactions are only cosmetic; there is no way to buy your way to victory. While most of my time was spent playing alone, the most fun was had playing with friends. There is no cooperative mode, but just being in the same game and competing, while trash talking and joking around, made every aspect better. Even if you were eliminated earlier than your friends you can still sit back and watch them.


Fall Guys is a great game to have fun or be competitive in. The future is bright for this and it's going to be around for years to come. I look forward to updates bringing more types of rounds and cosmetics and maybe even a mobile port, which is confirmed for China. Don’t sleep on this one. I give this one a thumbs up and recommend it to anyone. Final Score —7/10


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