Review: Family Feud

Family Feud is a game show I have loved and watched for years. The last time I played a Family Feud game was on the NES and I loved it. I was eager to check out what a modern Family Fued can do. Reviewed on Google Stadia.

Family Feud is something that often pulls from current events and pop culture. within the last couple of years, I dusted off my NES copy of Family Feud to try and have some family fun but a now 30 year old game with no ability to be updated doesn't hold up as well as you would like, making this new version even more desirable to me.

Family Feud makes playing with your family simple. If you have enough controllers everyone can use their own, or you can simply pass a controller around. If you pass one around it gives you a prompt for which family member to give it to before the question gets asked. It was something simple that made my life so much easier.

The gameplay is exactly what you would expect. You are asked a question and then you use an onscreen keyboard to type your answer. When you start typing the AI will give you four options as to what it thinks you are typing and more often than not, it is correct. This made answering fast and simple.

We played a lot of games and we had no repeat questions thus far. I was expecting to start to get some repeats after a handful of games but the game just continues to keep everything fresh. That goes for fast money questions too, no repeats yet.

As for the presentation, this is where it falls a little short for me. The graphics are cartoonish which is not my problem with it, I love that aesthetic. My problem is how long it takes to play a game. Every game has an intro with the host talking way too much and introducing the families. There is no way to skip this intro. When questions are going around and answers being revealed there is also no way to speed it up. It makes the game drag and seems like an artificial way to make the rounds longer.

It wouldn't be so bad if the voice acting was good but it was a miss for me. The host makes jokes that usually don't hit and his emotions almost never match his body language making it hard to watch with a straight face.

Playing this game alone against AI is surprisingly fun, but of course, the way this game truly shines is as a party game to be played with others. There is a lot of fun and laughs to be had.


Family Feud is a fun game to play with family or friends. The rounds may take too long because of the presentation, but the game is still fun to play. The number of questions they have to ask keeps the game fresh and this is one we will keep playing.

Final Score 6.5/10

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