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After Far Cry 5, one of my most anticipated games became Far Cry 6. Well, it’s finally here and I could not wait to jump right into Yara and start another journey.

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Far Cry 5 became my favorite Far Cry, here is what I had to say about it:

“Far Cry 5 is one of my favorite action games in recent years. It's now my favorite Far Cry and I still find myself going back into Hope County to clear some outpost and just run around. It has a good story with a crazy ending and an over the top villain that you will just love to hate. I strongly recommend giving this one a play.

Final Score: 9.5/10”

Well, I guess this may be a spoiler alert at my score for this game but, Far Cry 6 is now my favorite Far Cry. I understand Far Cry 6 is not a perfect game but for me and what I love about games, Far Cry 6 is perfect. It’s an excellent single player game with a great story and great gameplay.

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The Story was easy to follow and enjoyable and stuck to the Far Cry formula. It takes place on a fictional island called Yara. Yara is ruled by a ruthless dictator named Anton Castillo. You play as Dani Rojas a guerilla fighter that is part of the revolution to take down Castillo and take back Yara.

Castillo is played by Giancarlo Esposito, a big name actor. When bigger names play a role in games I usually expect it to just be phoned in and be a passable performance. That’s not the case with Esposito. His performance is over the top and perfect for his character. He is a believable villain and like other recent Far Cry villains, you just love to hate him. I thought the story was predictable but when the credits rolled I can admit, I didn’t see that coming.

The game starts similar to Far Cry 5. You play a tutorial and then you have a choice on where to go next in the giant open world. You start to take down people close to Castillo to weaken his army while recruiting people to fight with you strengthening your own army. It sounds familiar since Far Cry 5 just did this but if it’s not broke…

The cast of characters you come across are all acted well and the writing fits them perfectly. Dani is my favorite protagonist for the Far Cry series. You can be male or female but for my playthrough, I went with female Dani. I was constantly impressed with the story moments and character development which is only highlighted even more by the actors.

Take to the skies or drive around on the ground, Yara is a playground. You can’t go far without running into something to do and for the most part, it didn’t just feel like busywork, it was fun. There are even some very interesting mini games. Concluding this game makes me excited for another entry in the franchise that just seems to keep getting better and better.


Far Cry 6 is now my favorite Far Cry and Anton Castillo is now my favorite Far Cry villain. From start to finish this game was an absolute joy. Any shooter fan should be playing Far Cry 6. If you are not into shooters in my opinion the story is good enough to warrant a try. This was my game of the year for 2021.

Final Score 10/10

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