Review: Forclosed

Foreclosed is a third person action game with a really fun aesthetic. It's available on all major platforms.

Reviewed on Google Stadia

Foreclosed was a game that I wanted to like really bad and also a game that I knew nothing about until it came out. The way I found out about the game is also the reason I wanted to like the game. I was browsing Reddit and saw the developers talking about the game. The way they spoke about the game and the industry was done in a way that sold me on them and the game. From how they carried themselves on a public forum and responded to criticism made me say, I want to support them and buy their game and I want to love it.

When I first started, you can’t help but be blown away by the presentation. It has a unique graphic style and a comic book presentation. The comic book panels are not just for storytelling and cutscenes, they are also gameplay segments. Sadly, after the novelty of this passes, you're not left with much.

The game takes place in a cyberpunk setting so the story follows the main trope of so many cyberpunk stories. Corporations are evil. I don’t understand why a cyberpunk story has to have this. While the story is predictable and bland the writing is solid. The voice acting though is way below average. Lines are delivered awkwardly and without any emotion.

The controls also do not feel all that great. Movement is very clunky, and the main mechanic which is shooting never feels right. You can tweak your sensitivity settings for days and you won’t get a setting that feels good to play.

The gameplay also is lacking. Difficulty spikes are crazy in this game, especially as you approach the ending, and the checkpoint system is beyond terrible.

Outside of shooting the other activity you will be doing is trying not to get yourself lost. The game is linear but there are some parts, especially one major one early on (if you played the game I know you are nodding your head right now) it's very difficult to see where to go next. The game doesn’t hold your hand or push you in the right direction so sometimes seeing the small area to crawl through is almost impossible.


Forclosed is a game that does not overstay its welcome, and that’s why with the flaws it has I still feel comfortable recommending it. The way the story is told and the presentation of it is just way too good to not be seen by more people. The shooting may be rough and the story may be predictable but the visuals are amazing. For the visuals alone I give this game a thumbs up but overall well….

Final Score 3.5/10

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