Review: Halo 3

My quest continues to play through all the Halo games before the release of Infinite. After the ending of Halo 2, I was excited to continue my journey as Chief.

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This review will be on the short side. Halo 3 is very similar to Halo 2. Bungie knows how to make a shooter, they have proved that over and over but what they haven’t proved in the Halo franchise yet is how to evolve the shooter. Halo 3 feels just like 2 for me.

I did say Halo 2 was more enjoyable for me and the same goes for 3. There was a clear evolution from Halo to Halo 2 but 3 falls short there and feels like more of the same. It has the same strengths and weaknesses as its predecessor.

The soundtrack is still great but they still play it extremely loud when there are important story beats being discussed, drowning out the dialogue. Waypoints are still almost nonexistent and maps are just evil mazes. However, the gunplay is still just as strong and will carry you through the 8-hour campaign.

Halo 2 introduced the ability to dual wield, while that’s still here it’s not as prevalent. The enemies in Halo have always been great and that continues to be more of the same and it was starting to lose its charm.

I see greatness in these games but unfortunately for me, they seem to just be products of their time and don’t hold up in a modern gaming world.


Halo 3 fails to innovate the same way Halo 2 did from Combat Evolved. The game is too similar in every aspect and feels more like an expansion than a new game. While I did have fun I’m failing to gain excitement while progressing through the iconic franchise.

Final score 5.5/10

Halo rankings so far:

Halo Spartan Assault 8.5/10

Halo 2 6/10

Halo 3 5.5/10

Halo CE 5/10

Halo Reach 3/10

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