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Review: Her Perfect Twin

Book: Her Perfect Twin

Author: Sarah Bonner

Thank you NetGalley and Hachette Audio for an advanced audio copy.


Megan and Leah are identical twins. Leah has always taken everything from Megan, including their life story which they were making into a book together. Leah cut her out of the project and she got all the fame and fortune. Now Megan finds pictures of Leah on her husband's phone, which prompts Megan to confront her sister. During a heated argument Megan kills Leah. Megan then decides the only way to get away with murdering her twin is to become her twin. Megan learns how to be Leah, all while still being herself. Then COVID lockdown hits and being two people gets much harder.

I was absolutely hooked on this book and then when the perspective changed, I was even more hooked. I will not spoil anything but I was in total shock and just when I thought I couldn’t be shocked anymore, Sarah Bonner dropped another twist. This twist made me audibly gasp, I don’t think a book has ever made me involuntarily make a sound.

I really enjoyed all the planning, the manipulation, the twists, and the confusion so much. The use of twins is something that is overdone in media so that did worry me at first, fortunately, the ideas and the writing in this book took all that worry away very quickly. This is easily one of my favorite books of 2022.

Final Score 5/5

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