Review: Into the Breach

Into the Breach is a game that was on my radar since its release and I finally sat down and put the time into it. Time that I definitely do not regret.

Reviewed on Google Stadia.

Into the breach fascinated me. The game is played on an eight by eight grid and you play as a variety of mechs fighting against an alien invasion.

Battles are turn based and you have three main jobs. You need to survive, protect the city and eliminate the aliens. Eliminating the aliens is the lowest priority, which was something to get used to. Protecting your city which is your major resource takes top priority.

While playing I often had to make a decision on who will take the damage. Would it be one of my mechs or would it be my city? More often than not I would make my mech step in the way and take the hit.

The game plays almost like a puzzle game. Your attacks have different abilities that can cause you to move allies or enemies. Each turn you try to manipulate the enemy into attacking each other or just missing their attack. When all that fails that’s when I would make my mech step in.

There are a lot of mechs to unlock and choose from and they all play differently. Just when I thought I had my favorite team, I would switch it up and find a new mech to fall in love with.

The game has 4 islands to protect and you can tackle them in any order. You do not have to play them all to be able to beat the game. After defending two of the four islands you have the choice to continue your fight or take your fight to the final battle. Whatever you choose the final battle plays out the same way.

I beat the game numerous times and even though each time it plays out the same the game gives you a throwaway line of dialogue that seems to just make it all ok. They tell you that you are going to go to a different timeline to help them fight off the invasion.

After each battle you can pick one pilot to stay with you, with all the experience they earned to go to battle with you on your next timeline. You can rename your pilot so it’s easy to get attached and keep bringing the same pilot with you.


Into The Breach is a great tactical turn based game. It’s great for short bursts or long play seasons. It really has that “one more run” kind of feel to it. I enjoyed my time and highly recommend this one to anyone.

Final score -8.5/10-

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