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Review; Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga was a game I have been wanting to play since its announcement. I have not had a chance to get to it and now it's on Gamepass so I had no excuse.

Reviewed on Xcloud


I'm going to say this and I mean it. This is the best Star Wars game available to play. If Anthony or Al actually read this they can add their two cents about how or why I’m wrong and the correct answer is Jedi Fallen Order but I am here to say they are wrong.

Declaring a game is the best Star Wars game really is not giving it the praise it deserves since there have not been many good ones, but The Skywalker Saga is really something special. All three trilogies are here to play through. You can start with episodes one, four, or seven. I chose to start at one and just go through it in order.

A lot of these games have their own lego game already. This is not just taking all of those and making a collection. Each game was created for this. It's condensed to be the major plot points and each movie can be completed in about the time it will take you to watch the movie. None of them seemed to drag on too long. Often times I couldn’t believe I was at the conclusion of an episode so fast.

I have not played every Lego game but I have played enough to know they are usually good games but not for me. The way they did Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga that opinion completely changed. The way to progress through the stories is streamlined and the combat was overhauled and worked very well. Whether it's taking cover, yes taking cover, and firing at Stormtroopers are battling in lightsaber duels it all felt great.

The story it tells is obviously a story we already know but the way it's told with the lego humor works well. It takes the hard emotional moments and makes them feel a little lighter. It takes moments that should be serious but gets you to laugh or smile. I fall into the camp of not liking the prequel trilogy. I know a lot of fans have changed their mind in recent years and say they are actually good, but I am not one of them. With that said I really enjoyed the prequel trilogy in this game, that was how I knew this storytelling would be perfect.

Outside of the main story there are countless areas to explore, characters to talk to, and side missions to complete. I will be going back to this for the foreseeable future to have some fun exploring the galaxy.


Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is the best Star Wars game I have ever played. The combat was overhauled and the story is told perfectly. I only wish there were more movies in the Skywalker saga so I would have more stories to be told to me. If you like Star Wars don’t be discouraged by the Lego brand, this is a great game.

Final Score 10/10

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