Review: Marvel's Avengers Hawkeye DLC

Marvel's Avengers is a game that is making good on their promise of free DLC. Two DLCs are already out with a new one planned to release soon. You can check out my full review of the base game or you can just read my verdict below;

Marvel's Avengers was a pleasant surprise to me. The story was great and I would rate this higher if I was judging it on the story alone. Repetitive gameplay, maps, and enemies, held this back from being a real masterpiece. Multiplayer was not as fun as I was hoping, but that just may be the kind of gamer I am. This is a story that any fan of comics or Avengers needs to check out and I’m looking forward to more post release story content. I recommend this game, especially if you're looking for a good Avengers story.

Final Score —7/10

These DLCs are reviewed on Google Stadia.

The first DLC was for Kate Bishop. I have little to no knowledge of this character except that she will be getting a Disney+ show at some point. As usual, I won’t get too spoiler heavy but very minor story spoilers will follow.

This story covers Kates journey to finally becoming an Avenger and traveling through time to figure out what happened to Clint Barton and save him. The story ends with a literal “To Be Continued” and it left me very intrigued to move on to the next DLC chapter.

The next DLC gives us Clint's story and closes out the story that we started with Kate. This story involves more time travel, because why not, and we figure out the fate of the Avengers and the world while traveling through the timeline.

On its own, Kate's story was a better developed story but Clint's story wraps it all up, in a sloppy way but still wraps it up.

Both Kate and Clint play extremely similar. They both have a sword for up close hand to hand fighting and then a bow and arrow to strike from a distance. I liked hanging back and just launching arrows more than getting up close and personal. Something about launching arrows just felt right. In the base game, my favorite character to play was Black Widow and these two characters play very close to her.

Since this was two DLCs, not one I would have liked the characters to have different play styles instead of basically just being a copy of each other, but at least they were fun to play.

My original problems with the base game are still here. You are going to the same environments over and over again and fighting the same A.I.M. bots over and over again. I really want this game to add more of a variety and for the most part, it didn’t. They did add a new boss to close out Clint's story. I will not spoil the boss fight or who it was but it was a surprise for me and it was a fun and difficult fight.

The next DLC is adding Black Panther and Wakanda so there is no way they can rinse and repeat all these A.I.M. bots right? Right? I really hope not.


Making good on their promise and delivering free post launch content is an excellent breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, they didn’t add too much variety to the game. You are still seeing the same enemies and environments over and over making the game get a little old a little too quick. Even though both Kate and Clint play very similar they were still a joy to play and Kate actually replaced Black Widow as my main character.

Final Score 5.5/10

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