Review: Marvel's Avengers War for Wakanda

My obsession with Marvel's Avengers continues and my anticipation for War for Wakanda could not be higher. I hyped this one up in my head so much there’s no way it could live up to it right? Right?

Reviewed on Google Stadia

Let's start at the beginning, my full review for Marvels avengers can be found by clicking here, this is what I had to say:

Marvel's Avengers was a pleasant surprise to me. The story was great and I would rate this higher if I was judging it on the story alone. Repetitive gameplay, maps, and enemies, held this back from being a real masterpiece. Multiplayer was not as fun as I was hoping, but that just may be the kind of gamer I am. This is a story that any fan of comics or Avengers needs to check out and I’m looking forward to more post release story content. I recommend this game, especially if you're looking for a good Avengers story.

Final Score —7/10

Then we get the first batch of DLC which again my full review can be found by clicking here, this was my final thoughts:

Making good on their promise and delivering free post launch content is an excellent breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, they didn’t add too much variety to the game. You are still seeing the same enemies and environments over and over making the game get a little old a little too quick. Even though both Kate and Clint play very similar they were still a joy to play and Kate actually replaced Black Widow as my main character.

Final Score 5.5/10

Now we have DLC 3. Before Black Panther was introduced into the MCU I had very little knowledge of the hero and of his hometown of Wakanda. After his appearance in the movies, and his stand alone movie I was immediately in love with the character. The late Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of the character was phenomenal making him an instant fan favorite. With his untimely passing how Marvel chooses to handle the character moving forward is still unknown. Marvel's Avengers being separate from the MCU it does not have the same problem, but given the love of both the actor and the character, I didn’t know how the game would handle it either.

Actor Christopher Judge stepped into the role of T’Challa and in my opinion he did an amazing job. He made the character his own and did not just try to copy what has already been done by Boseman. He has his own look and personality and for me at least it paid off.

As expected the character is a melee character. Black Panther is fast and agile. When you are in battle you will witness a constant performance of acrobatic fighting. Flipping all over while fighting was both a joy to watch and play.

What Marvel’s Avengers suffers from is the lack of variety. While this DLC did not fully solve that problem it definitely helped show that they are listening and working to make the game better with each content drop. There is a wider variety of enemies and a new boss battle mixed in with the repetitive nature of the game.

The story the DLC tells was a good addition to the campaign already present. It explains the absence of Black Panther up to this point and then tells an entertaining story that takes place in Wakanda. Wakanda looks great and was a breath of fresh air to the game. Myself and the rest of the player base have really been waiting for something like Wakanda to break up the environments we have run through thousands of times already.


War for Wakanda is a great step in the right direction for Marvel's Avengers. We finally get environments and enemies that feel different. The new character Black Panther plays well and has a great performance. If all the DLCs following War for Wakanda follow the success here, the finished product for Marvel's Avengers will be a great product.

Final Score 7.5/10

Long live the king

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