Review: Panzer Dragoon Remake

Panzer Dragoon Remake was a game I would have sworn to you I played when I was a kid, but I would definitely be wrong. This was my first time coming to the game and I had no idea what to expect. Reviewed on Google Stadia

Panzer Dragoon was first released on the Sega Saturn, a system that I did not own but had access to and have played many times in my youth. Panzer Dragoon Remake still feels like a Sega Saturn game, for most people that's not a great thing.

The game is extremely short. It's only 7 levels and the levels are not very long. My first playthrough was completed in one sitting and took me just over an hour. It was an hour I was ready to be over.

There is probably a great story, but none of it is really told to you. The game is an on rails shooter where you are controlling a dragon. At first, just the idea of a shooter while riding a dragon had me hooked, but it quickly faded.

Controls are very basic, move around the screen and shoot. You also have a dodge button but for me, it never really worked. Every time I would dodge I would still be hit and take damage, so I found it better to just move and shoot.

There are a few bosses you encounter and they all felt the same. You just fly around avoiding their fire and hitting them with a barrage of your own attacks. None of them were really challenging and none of them were really fun. Actually, most of the game was not really challenging and also not really fun.


I'm all for remakes and bringing back games from systems I grew up with. Some games require a lot more than just a fresh coat of paint. There is a great game here if it's fleshed out with a story and some better gameplay but as it is, there is nothing here to recommend. The only positive of this game is you will be done with it quickly.

Final Score 2/10

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