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Review: Promise Boys

Book: Promise Boys

Author: Nick Brooks

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an advanced audio copy.


I want to mention that this review is of the audiobook. This has an entire cast and production value to it and it works beautifully. The principal of an all boys prep school is murdered and the police have three suspects. All three young men are students at the Promise Prep School where the principal was murdered. J.B., Ramon, and Trey. The three boys don’t know each other but they have to work together to solve the murder to clear all of their names.

I love how the book jumped right into the action. There really is no lead up to the murder it just happens right away. The first half of the book lets us get to know the three boys and see how they got themselves into their situations. You get to know them from the day before the murder to the day of the murder. I both loved this and got frustrated by this. I loved it because it was a lot of exposition and character building. It was great to get to know them and their lives one by one. I was frustrated by it because it just went on for far too long. It took a long time before they finally started to work together to solve the murder. These parts were so strong that I was hoping for more.

This really is an example of how audiobooks can be more than just someone reading to you. Everyone does a great job and this was a true experience. I highly recommend this audiobook.

Final Score 4/5

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