Review: Rocket League Side Swipe

Rocket League has been a go to game for me for years. I actually played the original Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars for years before rocket league came out. When a mobile version was said to be in the works I could not wait but I was definitely cautious of a bad port.

Reviewed on iOS

All these impressions are from preseason and season 1 of Rocket League Sidewipe.

This game is some of the purest fun I have ever had on a mobile device. I love Rocket League, I was a big fan of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars so of course, when Rocket League came out I was instantly hooked. Now we fast forward to the ned of 2021 when a mobile version of Rocket League enters the mix.

This is not just a port of the game, this is a brand new game. At first, I had low expectations and thought it would just be more of a cash grab than a well made game. I am happy to say I’m wrong on both accounts. The game is great but we will get to that, the first thing I want to talk about is how wrong I was about it being a cash grab. As of now (approaching the end of season 1) there is no way to buy anything with real money. You could not give them money even if you wanted to. UPDATE: season 2 has arrived and still no way to spend real money.

Matches are shorter than traditional Rocket League making it a much better fit for mobile platforms. Also making it more suited for mobile platforms the game sheds the 3D arena and has you play on a 2D plane making aerial shots much more important and easier to pull off. Most of your playtime will keep you airborne. There are no power ups or boosters to drive over, your boost will automatically recharge when you are on the ground, or the ceiling.

From start to finish each match has me smiling. Even games that I get destroyed, I still feel every match is fair and fun.

Pulling off some crazy saves or shots seems easier than ever and always feels rewarding. There is a steep learning curve but it’s easy enough to grasp for veterans and newcomers.


Rocket League Sideswipe is completely free and a blast to play. There is no excuse to not try this game. This was the winner of my 2021 mobile game of the year and to me, this is an example of a perfect mobile game.

Score 10/10

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