Review: Rogue Company

Rogue Company is an upcoming free to play third person shooter. It’s available now on all platforms with a purchase of a founders pack from $14.99-$59.99. Reviewed on Nintendo Switch.

Update: The game has reached its Free to Play state, this review is for founders release.


Rogue Company was a pleasant surprise to me. It’s a team based 4v4 shooter that felt right at home on my Switch. The best comparison I can make is comparing it to Counter Strike but a little more user friendly and welcome to casual players. 

Each match starts with selecting your character, which they call rogues. Each team can only have one of each rogue so no two people on a team can play the same person. Each rogue has its own guns, perks, and special ability. The match starts and it looks like a battle royale, you are on a plane waiting to jump onto the battlefield. When the round starts you jump and fly down towards the map.

The maps are simple and very similar to a map of a MOBA. It looks as though there are three clear lanes to go down on the map. I try to go where my team is since teamwork is key in this game. Once down there the fun begins. You earn currency during the rounds to buy other guns for your rogues, perks,  and gadgets, which can be spent in between rounds. 



The main and most competitive mode is demolition which has one team on the attack and one on the defense. One attacker at random will start the match with a bomb. You and your team have two bomb sites that you could plant the bomb at. The rounds are extremely short and there are no respawns. The win conditions of the attackers are to either plant the bomb or wipe the other team and the same goes for the defenders, disarm the bomb or wipe the team. Almost every round I have played ends with one team wiping out the other. 

Halfway through the game, the roles will flip and if you were attacking, you are now defending. Teamwork is crucial in this mode since there are no respawns. There is no room for a lone wolf, which I learned quickly early on. This game mode can be a little on the long side. Like I said the rounds are short but the game is first to win seven rounds. So even if your team sweeps, the match can still last for fifteen minutes. Time sure does fly by though, it never felt like a drag at any point.


Strikeout is a little more casual but still a lot of fun. There is respawn in this mode. Each team has twelve lives. There is a central point you need to battle over and control. Capture that point or exhaust all of the enemy teams lives to win. In this mode, the first team to win three rounds wins the match. On average this one is shorter than demolition but if it's a good match it still can be a little on the long side. 

It’s going to be free to play, with the ability to buy different Rogues. You can earn in game currency to buy new rogues but it is a slow process. The rogues given to you at the start are fun to use and well varied. So, unless you feel the need to have as much variety as possible this will be a game that you can be competitive at while being completely free to play.

Finding a character that fits you is easy since all the ones I have tried and unlock all feel great. For the most part, all of the special moves feel impactful and are simple to use and understand. Each rogue has its place and play style, give it some time and you will find yous.


Rogue Company is an excellent game that I cant wait for more people to get their hands on. The free to play aspect of it seems like it will be fair but we won't be able to fully judge that until the game is in its full release state. I plan on reopening this review and updating once that happens but for now, I give this one two thumbs up and highly recommend jumping in as a founder.

Final Score —8/10—

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