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Review: Roundguard

Roundguard was a game that just based on the images I knew I would love. It's available on most major platforms. Reviewed on Apple Arcade

Who doesn't love the classic game Peggle? The answer is no one! Peggle is a pure classic that I still often daydream about. Roundguard steps up the plate and scratches that Peggle itch just enough while still being its own game.

The game is a stage play that takes place across three acts. You have choices to make along your path in each act that puts you into different levels. Any path you choose will end up at the same destination, a boss fight.

You are treated to very well written dialogue to go with the stage show atmosphere. The story it tells is not something that will stick with you but it will definitely provide you with some laughs along your journey.

This game is basically a glorified dungeon crawler. You go from level to level clearing out all the enemies just like you would in a traditional dungeon crawler. The only difference here is how you attack. Instead of walking up to them and slashing them with a sword, you are launching yourself at them and pinballing around the level hitting all the enemies you can.

There are three playable characters each with their own stats and own special moves. It's easy to fall in love with just one and stick with it but it's worth it to try them all out and see what they each have to offer.

Like a lot of games, there is some luck to it. You can control where you launch your character and try to picture where you will bounce to but bad bounces will happen and you will catch some bad breaks. It rarely felt that a loss was 100 percent my fault however, i do understand the nature of the game and thats just how it is. Even with bad luck from time to time it still remained fun. Getting a bad bounce or a game over never stopped me from wanting to try another run.


Round Guard is a rare game. Its nostolgic but also something new. Its a fun game to put a few minutes in or a few hours. Good writing and great gameplay make Round Guard a game worth your time.

Final Score -7/10-

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