Review: She Sees Red

She Sees Red is an interactive movie, a movie where you control what happens. It’s an interesting idea that had me wondering how it would all play out. It’s available on Steam for $7.99, and Apple, and Android for $2.99.

Developed by Rhinotales


No spoilers in this review. There is a murder at a night club and a detective comes to piece everything together. You watch everything play out from the perspective of the murderer and the detective. You’re watching the detective piece together all of the actions and the path the murderer took after committing the crime. As you’re watching, you can’t help but wonder when, or if, the two timelines will come together. The story was a fun ride, and different playthroughs are almost totally different stories.


Since this is a movie, the acting is a big part of it; in this case, it’s a little tough to judge. The production and directing seem great, but the acting misses, and it’s not really its fault. The movie was originally recorded in Russian. Watching it in English, you can’t help but notice the words not matching up with their lips, which is distracting. On top of that, the voice acting is emotionless and bland 75% of the time. I can’t help but think this would be better if I spoke Russian so I could watch it in its original form.


Every choice matters; the game tells you that from the start. You make your choices from the perspective of the criminal. Each choice brings you down a different path, bringing you to a different ending. There are a total of 62 scenes to see, and it will take you several playthroughs to see them all. When it’s time to make a decision, you have two options that appear on the screen. You have a short time limit to pick one. If you don’t pick, the game will choose for you.


This game/movie is violent. It’s about a murder, and some of the killings are based on your choices. Some of the action and fight scenes got a little more brutal than I was expecting. The fight scenes are also choreographed very well, which was a pleasant surprise.


There is a behind the scenes gallery, with movies and images, that show a lot of how the movie/game was made. It was a nice addition, to really hammer home that the production value was high.


After I finished my first playthrough, and saw that I didn’t even see half of the scenes, I was excited to jump back in and make different choices. I was surprised at how differently things played out when choosing another decision. It was very well thought out, and again, I want to commend the production value and direction. The endings of the game are all very different and I highly recommend going back in with new choices.


She Sees Red is a very interesting and fun idea: a movie that you control. Great direction and story, coupled with great production, makes it easy enough to forget about the sub-par voice acting. I give this one two thumbs up. I recommend this to anyone who likes movies — which is everyone — and anyone who is a fan of choice based games.

Final Score: — 8/10 —


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