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Review: SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit is an auto-runner platforming game available exclusively on Apple Arcade.

Developed by Nickelodeon


Patty Pursuit is an auto-runner that tries to deliver some new mechanics and actually made a lot of changes for the better. Auto-runners are an easy way to eliminate touch controls for movement and it's a novel idea.  In Patty Pursuit, you start as SpongeBob, and he will just run, waiting for your input to either change direction, jump, or attack.

Plankton has kidnapped all of your friends and it's up to you to run through the levels and rescue them. Each level is filled with enemies that are Plankton's cousins. As you progress through the levels, you will start to rescue your friends and be able to use them, which is pivotal to completing the game 100%. SpongeBob is always the character you control, and if you have a friend with you they will be running behind you, jumping when you jump and executing special moves when you do.

The way the levels are designed would break co-founder, Anthony. If anyone has listened to Game Bites, then you know Anthony can not move on from a level until he gets everything in that level. In this game, there are coins hidden throughout the level, along with spatulas to find. In some levels, it is impossible to get everything until you progress in the game. Some areas of the level you need a unique character to do their special move, to unlock a portion of the stage, to get in there and collect everything. Most levels even require you to do it in multiple runs since multiple characters are needed to get different collectibles.

This design really padded the time of the game.

It’s short, and the campaign can be beaten in just a couple of hours, but if you're a completionist, you have your work cut out for you.

Some more new mechanics added in this game include the ability to stop running at any time by simply swiping down. You also can change direction just by swiping the direction you want to move. This was a welcome addition. As someone who got every coin in Super Mario Run, it sucks when you miss time a jump and have to do the entire level again. This got rid of all of that worry. 

You also have the ability to attack. Most platformers you just jump on enemies to kill them, which you can do here (unless they have a helmet), but you can swipe forward to execute an attack. If you jump, and then attack, he will do a flying kick which was fun to do and watch.

The last unique mechanic added was—in some levels—you go into a building that transforms SpongeBob into a different variation of himself. Some levels he turns into a jellyfish, which lets you float around that part of the level, and others have you turn into an accordion, letting you spring yourself high in the air to reach jumps that before wouldn’t be possible.

All of this added to the game and made me smile.

Patty Pursuit also has a boss fight at the end of all six of its worlds. The boss fights are fun, but it failed to really bring in anything new as it went on. All of them—with the exception of the final boss—were just you attacking something so it flies into them. The last boss has just a small variation to that. They still were enjoyable, for the most part, and each boss level does not have collectibles so there is no reason to replay them.

The levels are a good length, maybe even a little on the longer side, in comparison to the other mobile games like it. You do not have any health, so one hit and you lose. The game adds a few checkpoints throughout the level so an untimely death is not as frustrating as it can be.

The cast of characters are exactly who you would expect in this game and their unique abilities made them all feel different to run alongside you. It was hard to pick a favorite because they were all fun to watch running behind you.


SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit is a great auto-runner, with a lot of added features and mechanics, to make it stand out from the rest. The only major downside is repetitive bosses. If you like runners and games that have you going back for more and more collectibles then this is a game for you. I give this one two thumbs up and definitely recommend it.

Final Score —8/10


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