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Review: The Brothers Crunk

Book: The Brothers Crunk

Author: William Pauley III

Thank you NetGalley and Doom Fiction for an advanced audio copy.


I would love to have a peek inside William Pauley III’s mind but I would also be terrified to find out what I would see. He has one of the most unique and haunting writing styles that can make some of the darkest scenes beautiful.

The Brothers Crunk is an old-school video game fever dream. There are so many references that I couldn’t stop smiling. From using an NES Zapper as a real gun to imputing the famous Konami code on a controller that is inside their own arm.

It seems every one of Pauley's works just needs to be experienced. Go in knowing nothing and be prepared to be creeped out and mind blown with all the terrifying gory details.

William Pauley III is the best there is in creative horror writing. Check out this book and any other book by Pauley.

Final Score: 5/5

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