Review: The Hawthorne Legacy

Book: The Hawthorne Legacy

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Kristen's Review:

I love this series! I am so invested in it and with each and every character. There was so much more to unravel in this second book. I am glad some questions that I had when the first book ended had gotten answered. Plus, it is another beautiful cover.

Final Score: 5/5

Brian's Review:

I don't usually like sequels more than the original, so I didn't go in expecting much. I love when I am wrong. This book was even more gripping than the first entry. The mystery surrounding Avery and why she inherited Tobias Hawthorne's estate is something that I knew I will be thinking about until I get the answer. Digging further into that mystery was the driving point of this book and the main reason I couldn't put it down. Bring on The Final Gambit, I am ready!

Final Score 5/5

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