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Review: The Second You're Single

Book: The Second You’re Single

Author: Cara Tanamachi

Thank you NetGalley and RB Media for an advanced audio copy.


The Second You’re Single follows freelance journalist Sora. Sora has a habit of not staying single for long and just jumping to the wrong guy way too quick. Fresh out of a bad relationship and with Valentine’s Day and her sister's wedding right around the corner, Sora decides she doesn't want a man and wants to better herself. She uses her power of being a writer and writes about going solo for February. The responses are huge. The only problem is Jack enters Sora’s life and maybe she doesn't want to be solo anymore.

This was definitely a fun story with a lot of charm and laughs. Both Sora and Jack are great characters. With the exception of Sora’s mom there really were no other strong characters that I found compelling. The book was definitely at its best when Jack and Sora were together. When one of them was with a supporting character, the story was not as strong.

I definitely felt for Sora as she realized Jack may actually be a good guy. Then being forced to choose her love life or her career. Or choose to be a fraud or be true to herself. I could not wait to see which path Sora chose and how it would lead to Jack.

If you like rom-coms this is definitely a good one!

Final score 4/5

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