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Review: Twelve Minutes

From its announcement, twelve minutes has intrigued me and I was eagerly counting down the days until its release. It’s here and I can’t wait to talk about it!

Reviewed on Xcloud

This is going to be a spoiler free review. I went into this game knowing almost nothing and I feel that was best. The premise was all I knew and it really sounded interesting to me. You play as a character stuck in a time loop. You come home from work and start to have a normal night with your wife until a cop knocks on the door. The cop comes in and says your wife is under arrest for murder and then the cop kills you. When the cop kills you, you go right back to the moment you came home. If that premise doesn't hook you, once you start to unravel the story from very early on, you will be hooked and need to find out more. It helps that the game has some big talent who do s a great job at nailing their roles.

The game takes place in your small one bedroom apartment. There are only 3 rooms and a closet for you to explore. Often times it being small is a comfort and other times it can be frustrating. Knowing the answer you need can’t be far but at times it seemed almost impossible to find out what you needed. When you finally do stumble on some information it was a blast to explore and use that information in other time loops.

The gameplay is simple. It’s basically a point and click adventure game. You can pick up different items and use them in the apartment. You can even combine certain items to make them into something even more useful. The gameplay being so simple was another piece of the game that was comforting and also frustrating.

You eventually learn different ways to manipulate your wife, the cop, and your apartment to progress in ways you won’t be expecting.

It’s extremely hard to go further without spoiling anything. I will just say you can use certain items in ways you wouldn’t even think. This game will definitely require you to do some thinking and problem solving. When you do make it to the end you will be dying to talk about it with someone so make sure you get a buddy to play the game to so you can discuss!


In a world where so many games feel similar, Twelve Minutes feels new and fresh. It is reminiscent of old point and click adventure games with a very modern take. The gameplay is simple and the environment is small which is both a blessing and a curse. The story telling is top notch and the voice acting is best in its class. Definitely play this game and get others to play so you can talk about it long after you roll the credits.

Final score 9/10

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