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Review: Where Darkness Blooms

Book: Where Darkness Blooms

Author: Andrea Hannah

Thank you NetGalley and OrangeSky Audio for an advanced audio copy.


Where Darkness Blooms had me hooked just from the summary. Unfortunately once I got into the book there was nothing it could do to keep me hooked. The book takes place in the town of Bishop. Bishop does not sound like a town anyone would want to live in. Women keep going missing and there are violent windstorms. Who would live here?

The story follows four young women in the wake of their mother's disappearance. Whitney, Jude, Delilah, and Bo. I did not find any of the girls to be all that interesting. The four of them almost blended together to be one character. I had a hard time remembering who was who since the details never grabbed me. It didn’t help that in the audio version all the characters sounded the same.

I felt that the book was going to get better. Chapter after chapter I waited but it just didn’t come. There was one chapter towards the end that I thought it was going to finally make it over that hill. I thought there was going to be a surprise death but it just didn’t happen. Speaking of death. There was a death in the middle book and there was such a lack of emotion that it almost took me out of the story completely. I wanted so much more from this

Sadly I have a hard time recommending this one

Final score 2/5

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