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The Apple Arcade List: The Enchanted World

Continuing on my quest to give impressions or a review of every game in Apple Arcade we have our next game, The Enchanted World.

From the screenshots of this game, I thought this would be a game I would love. It’s a puzzle game but not just any puzzle game. It’s a tile puzzle game. Some of my favorite puzzles are sliding tiles around to move a tile to the end. Sadly this is not a good one. I couldn’t even get through the game.

The puzzles start off really easy and are fun to solve. You are putting a path together so you can move your character across the map.

As you get further, the paths get harder but were still fun. The problem for me is when they added a second series you need to worry about and in this case, it was water. You have to sometimes put water in a way to flow and make power while still making your path to the other side. It became infuriating and frustrating and it never felt intuitive.

I found myself taking way too long trying to figure out the right movements and in some cases, I just couldn’t get it. I am good at these kinds of puzzles and for me, I felt they were just not well designed.


The Enchanted World is a slide puzzle that I just did not get into. As someone who likes this kind of puzzle game, I was extremely disappointed. I did not get to the end and I will not be returning to try to finish this. My time here is done.

Final score: Unlikely to return

The list

  1. What the Golf?

  2. Way of the Turtle

  3. The Pinball Wizard

  4. Lego Star Wars Battles

  5. Jetpack Joyride 2

  6. A Fold Apart

  7. Jetpack Joyride +

  8. Super Impossible Road

  9. Towago: Among Shadows

  10. Tint

  11. Survival Z

  12. Where Cards Fall

  13. The Enchanted World

  14. Word Laces

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