Top Five Beers

I am by no means a Cicerone, not even a beer enthusiast. I’m just a guy that occasionally will crave some beer. In my youth this was more frequent, but with my age came less cravings and these favorites.


Al here. Me and Anthony decided to hijack Brian’s little listicle and have some fun. We …. weren’t kind. I’m in all bold and Anthony’s in italics FYI.

Anthony here. Cicerone (n.) — A word Brian heard once, misunderstood, but decided to use anyway since it sounds cool to him.

5. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro

First up is a beer that you may have heard me discuss before (nope just kidding that story is not live yet but stay tuned!). Brewed by the Left Hand Brewing Company, this beer has the characteristics that most of them will have on this list. Dark, creamy (yea creamy is my issue here. milk and beer should stay as far from each other as possible you creep — AB) and delicious. (I disagree with AB. I have had this beer and on my extremely scientific scale featured on Flix & a Six, “this beer too, is good” — AC)

4. Ghostface Killah

Next up is by Twisted Pine Brewing Company and is the only beer on this list that is not dark in color. Its color will fool you into thinking it could be an easy drink but its smell could possibly kill you. This beer brands itself “the hottest beer this side of hell”(Why are you bragging about that? Better yet why did that make you want it? I was able to get behind the milk stout, but I draw the line here.— AC). A friend who has a beer blog ( this to my attention. With my Love for the Wu-Tang Clan (Oh right, of course. — AC) all I needed to hear was the name and I was sold. I cracked it open and got punched in the face with pepper(why not just take a ghost pepper to the face and call it a day? — AB)(Next time spare the pepper. I’ll do it — AC) and fear. One sip and the beer that’s fused with the ghost pepper will have your eyes watering. I challenge anyone who finds this beer to drink more than one. (Don’t you challenge me! I’ve been called “Hulk” enough in my life for some of that aura to rub off right? RIGHT?? — AB) DO IT! Hijack my list and try to take a challenge. Bitch please. Film this challenege I dare you! — BR I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!! — BR (All I ever had to say to get Brian to do something was “You won’t”. For example, “You won’t eat that whole habanero in one bite.” Then I would just sit back, and here we go — AC)

3. Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout

This one is a bit of a throwback to my youth. I went to school in Union Square in Manhattan (Wait, no you didnt — AC)(totally did — BR) and there was a Heartland Brewery (R.I.P. this location) (For real though, pour one out for this location, preferably one of thoe Ghost Face Killah beers, cause fuck that brew — AC) right there. This meant for some late night “study” sessions or extended lunches for some extra “studying”. This beer was a creamy thick (Now its getting weird — AC) oatmeal stout with slight hints of two things I love, <3 espresso and chocolate <3.

AB: Ok I can get behind this one. Of course you can only get it on tap so I may never have it, but I would have given it a shot on Flix & a Six.

2. New Glarus Coffee Stout

In my professional career (Opposed to your other career? — AC), travel has played a major role. New Glarus is a brewery in Wisconsin and you can only get this beer in Wisconsin. I may or may not had to smuggle (Nope, you could have just brought it .— AC) some back for some beer enthusiast that just had to taste New Glarus( lol!). This one is the coffee stout (“THE”, as in the only one?! — AC). The coffee part of this got me through some long rough nights of work (WTF? — AC), yeah lets go with that.

AB: You picked an extinct beer, kind of a dick move. (#truth #commentInception — AC) I say this with full knowledge that I’ll probably do the same thing and forget about this commment….. Damn the consequences!

1. Guinness

I know this is not some fancy beer (you picked the Bud Light of good beer. Shame! — AB) but its my go to (I second this, Al is a beer snob. — AC). Its widely available and hits all the notes I want a beer to hit. Nothing else to say on this one except go ahead and hate. (Oh we’re on team #hatehard here, noob) (Who’s we, ya tree? — AC)

That’s my list of my favorite beers. You like it? Let me know on twitter @Big_Broons (If you don’t, also let him know. I would prefer to read more from the trolls. — AC). If beer is your thing or even if it’s not check out The Spinchoon’s podcast (HELL YEA! — AC) “Flix & a Six” and also check out our friend over at for terrific and as Al may call them “snobby” beer reviews (Third time you mention the link, but you don’t link it? Don’t worry I got you.)

If you want more list like this or if you have an idea for a list let us know @TheSpinchoon

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